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(Alkyd, Acrylic, Polyester)

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Glass Bottle Decoration Coatings

2K Epoxy Primers

Strata's 2K epoxy coatings are designed for heavy duty applications where a tough protective coating with excellent hardness is needed. There is a wide variety of formulations available under the epoxy line. This coating can be formulated as a standard 2K epoxy primer, strontium chromate based primers, or as a corrosion inhibitor primer. This coating works in unison with our 2K polyurethane coatings, providing an excellent basecoat for our 2K polyurethanes.

  • Corrosion Protection
  • Excellent chemical resistance properties.
  • Excellent Hardness.
  • Compatible with a vast array of topcoats.
  • Aerospace.
  • Marine.
  • Transport Equipment.
  • DTM Applications.

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