Have you been told by the big coatings suppliers that what we have is what you get, just to find out that the product doesn't work well in your environment or application. Strata Paint has a strong belief in research & development of new products. Our research and development program will allow you to take advantage of our free formulating services which will custom formulate a coating as it was intended for your application and criteria, with no compromises. Tired of spending on equipment upgrades and changes trying to make your current off the shelf product work? We are your customized solution provider when off the shelf just won't cut it.

By continuously researching and developing solutions, we can serve many industries without restricting ourselves to one application. This allows us to apply many ideas from one industry and cross it over to another. This philosophy and our out of the box thinking is usually needed and applied to difficult projects. Research and development has become embedded in our core philosophy.

Using the latest products and technologies available to us, our technical experts and formulators are always on the cutting edge of technology testing and formulating. Constantly innovating new ideas allows Strata Paint to solve past, current and future coating issues and solutions. We strive to provide you with the best product available for your application and equipment.

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